Instagram Growth for Passive Income Part 3: Building a Foundation of Followers

You’re back!  Oh how I’ve missed ya!  In our last segment, we discussed how to post our first few photos, how to utilize hashtags, and how to properly credit larger accounts!  In part 3, we will be covering one of the greatest sectors of Instagram. Let’s talk about how to gain quality followers. Yes, we desire quality followers.  Instagram is a social media platform that operates using a specific algorithm.  Don’t let the fancy math words deter your Instagram quest. Basically, the algorithm is just a way of deciphering what, when, and to whom Instagram chooses to promote to from your page.  In the past, any photo posted from your account would instantly be placed in the “feed”. Anyone who follows you would be able to see your post based off how recently it was posted. However, times have changed.  Currently, Instagram works on a completely different playing field. At its core, it works like this. You post a photo/video. Instagram displays that post to roughly 50% of your followers. If your post is liked and/or engaged with by a high percentage of these viewers, Instagram deems it worthy to be shared with the other 50 or so %. If the post continues to receive engagement,  the post has the opportunity to make it onto the explore page, which can be seen by anyone who has an Instagram account. This is why “fake followers” can absolutely destroy an account. If you are posting content to a plethora of inactive users, your engagement will be non-existent. In turn, your likelihood of reaching new accounts dwindles rapidly. This is why selecting your followers is crucial.  We want to look for a few basic indicators of a good follower. First, we want them to be interested in the niche we are promoting. If we are running a travel page, we want our followers to be interested in travel. Simple enough right? The second thing we want to pursue is active followers.  We want people who are going to like and comment on our posts.  So how do we find these magical followers? Its actually quite simple!  We first want to find accounts with great engagement. Find accounts in your Niche who have a steady likes/ to followers ratio.  If an account has posted a picture of the Eiffel tower and has received 3000 likes out of 10000 followers, we know this account has great engagement.  We can simply open their most recent post, click on the likes, and follow 10-15 people who have engaged in this specific post. This may be tedious, and unappealing, but this is how a page starts.  Once you build a couple thousand followers through this method, organic growth kicks in. (In my own experience) Each page I’ve grown starts off slow, and a bit time consuming. But don’t be deterred! Stick with it!   Surely enough, once I get to around 2000 followers, each account simply requires me to post something each morning as it continues to grow on its own. It’s easy to believe this is redundant or useless. Instead, enjoy the process.  At 100k followers on many of my accounts, I consistently get offered 15-30$ a day to post from each of my pages individually. Along with other sources of revenue, such as product marketing, you can see where 200-400$ a day is extremely realistic.  (Which isn’t too bad for about 2 hours of work each morning right?) I hope you enjoyed part 3 of this series. Join us next time for our final installment. We will be talking about ways to generate income off of your accounts!

Instagram Growth for Passive Income Part 2: Delivering your Initial Posts

If you’ve joined in from part one, you’re probably ready to get this page growing!  Well, let’s first talk about what to post, how to use hashtags, and how to use a handful of little tricks to receive engagement on your page.  “What to post? I don’t even have followers yet” you may remark. My argument for you would be, when do you build a well? When you’re thirsty, or when you know you’ll BE thirsty?  The same concept interlaces into the concept of your Instagram content. Nobody is going to follow a blank, post-less page… I recommend posting 3-9 photos and/or videos to serve as a “foundation” for the future of your page.  This will give prospecting followers a little reassurance that this page is run by a real person, who posts real content. Regardless of whether you’re creating a business page, or simply running a themed page, such as fitness, or interior design, it would be beneficial to read carefully.  Remember the niche you’ve so carefully selected? Simply type this into the explore page of Instagram. Carefully pan through some of the top posts in your niche, and post them onto your page. (Be sure to give full credit to the original page by @ their handle and tagging the page in your poName ExcursionEarth main page_LIst!)  These posts will be the traction to get the ball rolling for your new page. I would highly recommend using hashtags on these photos/videos. However, before you start blindly typing in things such as #travel or # icecream, let’s make it as simple and efficient as possible. The large scale pages that we are reposting from are likely not only Instagram veterans, but know a thing or two about the most popular hashtags.  Let’s swallow our creative pride for now, and simply make a sticky note of the hashtags each post utilized. Now we simply use these for our posts. “Will… isn’t this like copying someone’s work…?”. Believe it or not, other pages will often thank you for using their content, as long as you credit them with a tag, and an @in the caption! In fact, if you think about it, they are really gaining free marketing from the exchange.  So at this point, we have an active Instagram page. We also have a small portfolio, a sampler if you will, foreshadowing our future content. At this point, you can simply rinse and repeat, sprinkling in your own content as you go.  The hardest part of building a successful Instagram page is the first 2,000 followers. Stick with it, and continue to use the power and pull from larger pages to keep your audience engaged in your page.

In part 3, we will talk about how to gain initial followers.  So don’t start following random people just yet! There is a much more efficient way to build your foundation of loyal followers!

Instagram Growth for Passive Income Part 1, Creating a Page

      So, you’re interested in earning passive income through Instagram?  Well, let me put it as simply as I can. You absolutely can (Really, it’s not that difficult).  Nearly two years ago, I stepped out of my full time job after being diagnosed with type II narcolepsy and chronic Lyme disease (Both within the same month!  How lucky right?). I was struggling to find a career in which my direct supervisors were “okay” with me missing a day every now and then. I scoured the internet seeking ways to bring in income, and eventually stumbled upon the financial opportunities of Instagram.  Over the past 2 years, I have successfully built, sold, and marketed numerous Instagram pages for a steady, and remarkable source of income. So how can you do it too? Well, it all starts with a niche. Or in business terminology, your target audience. Niche’s are vast and expansive.  They range from fitness fanatics, to coffee connoisseurs, and even to puppy parents! I’ve personally built pages revolving around travel, technology, graphic design, pets, as well as interior design.

   You can find your niche by adding a few things togeName ExcursionEarth main page_LIther. The first thing to consider when selecting a niche is going to be your passions.  Yes, YOUR passions. What makes your heart beat a little faster? What would you advocate for out on the city square? Finding a niche in which you are passionate about is going to make the whole process of creating revenue not only financially rewarding, but creatively and mentally rewarding as well! The second thing to consider is the size of any particular market.  Some interests are simply more saturated than others.For instance. there are many more active consumers in the fitness niche, than there are in the stamp collector niche. Once you have selected your desired niche, you can research similar content pages by simply typing the name of your niche into the explore page. Let’s use travel as our niche example (Account solely used for this blog demonstration).  We can create an Instagram account, and select a handle,name, bio and picture for our page. When creating your handle, you want it to be a direct link to the content on your page. If we were making a page about nature, our handle may be “NatureViews”. However, since we have selected travel and exploration,, we can use something along the lines of “@ExcursionEarth” as our handle. Next, we choose our name.  This step is often overlooked in the creation of a successful Instagram account. Many people will either enter their real name, or simply leave this portion blank. However, you can do better! Think of Instagram like a search engine (similar to google, or safari). When someone searches for travel, Instagram will display accounts that have similar words in their handle, but ALSO their name. Personally, I utilize the “name” portion to give a 2-3 word summary of my page.  For our excursion page, i will type “travel locations global”. Our last step is going to be finding a good image to use as our photo. Your options here are virtually endless. I’ve used clip-art from google, logo design apps, or high resolution images that I believe accurately represent my niche. (A little trick? I always use a logo design app to edit a golden circle around my logo before selecting it for a little pop and professionalism!) Your image is going to really bring your entire page together.  This is the face of your page, your business, and yourself. Follow me and turn on reminders for the second addition of this 4 part series.

Next time we will be talking about what to post, how to use hashtags, and how to use a handful of little tricks to receive engagement on your page.